Monthly Learning Cycle

Participants in the Teacher Leadership in Mathematics Program will learn how to incorporate the MLD system in their classroom through a monthly learning cycle consisting of four components facilitated by the CMAST faculty.

The monthly learning cycle consists of:

Professional Development

Each month the participating teachers and TLs will engage in a professional development that focuses on one of the five instructional moves outlined in the MLD system. The professional development (PD) introduces teachers to classroom instruction that shifts the focus from a teacher directive environment to a student-centered one. This active approach to teaching incorporates the Math Practices (MPs) and Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs, and allows for students to access the CCSS and NGSS. Upon completion of the PD, all teachers agree to implement a common focus from the session in their classrooms.


LMU faculty will observe the TLs in their classrooms implementing the monthly focus by scripting the lesson. The script will capture student data that drives the conversations between the TL and LMU faculty. All professional discourse is driven by student data and outcomes. The observation is geared to eliminate evaluation and foster collaborations. LMU faculty will send the script to the TL for them to engage in a metacognitive reflection. Once the TL has responded to the metacognitive questions posed within the script, the TL and LMU faculty will debrief.


During the debrief, the LMU faculty and TL collaborate to strengthen the TL's implementation of strategies from the program, analyze student data, and address appropriate content delivery. This one-on-one time is critical to establishing the trust necessary to ensure a foundation of collaboration. The TL and LMU faculty will create next steps to implement before the TL meets again with his/her colleagues.

Professional Learning Community

After all participating teachers and TLs have had an opportunity to implement the monthly focus in their classrooms, each teacher will bring student evidence to discuss the challenges and successes of the lesson with his/her students. After analyzing the challenges, the teachers will take time to plan how they will strengthen their execution the next time they implement the monthly focus.