Our Mission

The Center for Math and Science Teaching (CMAST) at LMU seeks to empower the next generation of diverse learners who actively engage in and deeply experience rigorous mathematics and science in an inquiry based student driven system to increase student achievement.

Through our programming and curriculum, the program strives to inspire and motivate Teacher Leaders through cognitive apprenticeship to grow a culture of shared leadership through communities of practice between all teachers, principals, and district leaders.

Our Goals

CMAST strives to provide an apprenticeship and experiential model for professional development to transform math and science education as schools shift to CCSS and NGSS. This is accomplished through the implementation of the Math Learning by Design (MLD) system intentionally and strategically designed to support all student learning of mathematics and science.

Our Values

  • Math and science as an exuberant way of life
  • All students can learn and enjoy rigorous mathematics and science
  • Positive, aggressive, and productive perseverance through obstacles
  • Communicate and collaborate to innovate from within
  • We embrace a growth mind-set versus a fixed mind set (Dweck, Carol)
  • Institutional change must be inspired within an organization