Additional Video Resources

We will provide links to videos that we recommend regarding bilingual education, pedagogy, policy, best practices, etc.


Dr. Hakuta, Professor, School of Education, Stanford University and Rich Smith, Deputy Superintendent of Sanger Unified discussed their work on how districts and school leaders can play an active role in structuring and supporting appropriate programs for ELLs, and the polices necessary to improve the educational achievement of ELLs.

Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

This video segment titled, "Should education be bilingual in the U.S.?" briefly presents the debate, challenges, and concerns regarding Hispanic students and bilingual education. The video features Paulo Torres's schooling experience in North Carolina; Patricia Gándara and Ron Unz are interviewed briefly regarding bilingual education. In studio Raúl González, Director for Legislative Affairs for the National Council of la Raza, and Margaret Spelling, former Secretary of Educaton during the George W. Bush's administration provide their insight regarding bilingual education.

Pedro Noguera, a leading expert on urban schooling and education, was the featured speaker of the Urban Lecture Series sponsored by the Thomas and Dorothy Leavy Center for the Study of Los Angeles.