Education & Policy Briefs

No.1, December 2007

Parent Involvement and the Education of English Learners and Standard English Learners: Perspectives of LAUSD Parent Leaders by Magaly Lavadenz, Elvira G. Armas, & Irene Villanueva

No.2, April 2009

Vision as an Impetus for Success: Perspectives of Site Principals by Franca Dell'Olio & Kristen Anguiano

No.3, January 2011

The PROMISE Model: An English-Learner Focused Approach to School Reform by Laurie Olsen

No.4, September 2015

Incorporating Scaffolded Dialogic Reading Practice in Teacher Training: An Opportunity to Improve Instruction for Young Dual Language Learners in Transitional Kindergarten by Carola Matera

No.5, April 2017

The Latin@ Teacher Shortage: Learning from the Past to Inform the Future by Magaly Lavadenz and Anaida Colón-Muñiz

No.6 - Coming Soon