Current Projects

CEEL has initiated various research and evaluation projects that collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to further inform instructional practices for English Language Learners.

Advocacy-Oriented Leadership for English Language Learner Achievement

CEEL, in collaboration with the PROMISE Initiative, seeks to impact administrator knowledge, capacity, and use of research-based approaches as they relate to English learner success. The purpose of this study was to generate an evidence base for powerful and transformative advocacy-oriented leadership for English learners. Surveys of site-level principals, along with structured follow-up interviews and/or focus groups were utilized in this research. Results of this study are published in Chapter 5 of the PROMISE Research Monograph.

Lennox School District and Urban School Districts Reform Initiative (USDRI) Evaluation

The Weingart Foundation launched the Urban Public School Districts Initiative in 2006 to support targeted reform efforts within districts with effective plans for change. The goal of this initiative is to positively impact education by supporting sustainable reforms in districts educating high number of low-income students. Drs. Magaly Lavadenz and Elvira Armas were invited to partner with Lennox School District (one of four districts participating in this initiative) and are currently serving as evaluators for the district’s reform initiative. As such, they have designed an evaluation plan to effectively measure the implementation efforts of the district with a focus on long-term English learner achievement, professional development for teachers of English learners participating in this initiative, and parent programs and education for participating students.

CEEL / Bank of America Doctoral Fellows Research Projects

Olga Grimalt Moraga, Ed.D. (May 2010)
Dissertation Title: The Biliteracy Achievement of Latino English Learners in Two-Way Immersion Elementary Programs.
Olga Abstract

Jaime Romero Mora, M.A. (Ed.D. In Progress, Expected August 2012)
Dissertation Title: English Learners and Charters: A Study on the Experience of Language Minority Students in a Southern California Urban Charter School.