Leadership for English Learner Achievement Certificate

Unprecedented Opportunity through the Extension Program at LMU, in collaboration with the PROMISE Initiative.

CEEL is the first to provide educators working with language minority students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Leadership for English Learner Achievement through LMU's Extension Program. This unique certificate is intended to represent an extensive knowledge in programmatic, political, and instructional issues in working with English learners. The central focus is to build knowledge on essential leadership roles and characteristics to support institutional change necessary to increase the academic achievement of English learners. It is a one year, 12 unit program of study offered through a combination of on-site meetings and online, as well as distance learning.

Content for these courses includes developing a vision of leadership in biliteracy through a transformative, inquiry-based model and focuses on:

  • Increasing Home School Collaboration for Diverse Communities
  • Creating Enriched and Affirming Learning Environments for English Learners
  • Engaging English Learners: Empowering Pedagogy & Challenging Curriculum

NOTE: The Leadership in English Learner Certificate program is currently undergoing a redesign process. Information regarding the revised program will be available at a further date.