No.10, April 2022

Uplifting the Perspectives and Preferences of the Families of English Learners in Los Angeles Unified School District and Charter Schools: Findings from a Representative Poll
by Jeimee Estrada-Miller, Leni Wolf, Elvira Armas, and Magaly Lavadenz

No.9, September 2021

Leaders' Perspectives on the Preparation of Bilingual/Dual Language Teachers
by Magaly Lavadenz, Jongyeon Ee, Elvira Armas, and Grecya López

No.8, July 2020

Examining English Learners’ College Readiness and Postsecondary Enrollment in California
by Marco A. Murillo and Magaly Lavadenz

No.7, March 2019

Bilingual Teacher Residency Programs in California: Considerations for Development and Expansion
by Magaly Lavadenz, Elvira Armas, and Natividad Robles

No.6, December 2017

District Administrators' Perspectives on the Impact of The Local Control Funding Formula on English Learners
by Magaly Lavadenz and Gisela O'Brien

No.5, April 2017

The Latin@ Teacher Shortage: Learning from the Past to Inform the Future
by Magaly Lavadenz and Anaida Colón-Muñiz

No.4, September 2015

Incorporating Scaffolded Dialogic Reading Practice in Teacher Training: An Opportunity to Improve Instruction for Young Dual Language Learners in Transitional Kindergarten
by Carola Matera

No.3, January 2011

The PROMISE Model: An English-Learner Focused Approach to School Reform
by Laurie Olsen

No.2, April 2009

Vision as an Impetus for Success: Perspectives of Site Principals
by Franca Dell'Olio & Kristen Anguiano

No.1, December 2007

Parent Involvement and the Education of English Learners and Standard English Learners: Perspectives of LAUSD Parent Leaders
by Magaly Lavadenz, Elvira G. Armas, & Irene Villanueva