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The California State Board of Education unanimously adopted the California English Learner Roadmap in July 2017. The EL Roadmap offers a vision and mission for CA's EL programs, policies, and practices, as well as guidance to local education agencies (LEAs) as they educate English Learners. It also defines four key principles with related elements to steer action. The principles of the EL Roadmap include:

  • Assets-Oriented and Needs-Responsive Schools
  • Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaningful Access
  • System Conditions that Support Effectiveness
  • Alignment and Articulation Within and Across Systems

CEEL is committed to supporting the vision of the EL Roadmap, as it offers a framework for centering equity in the education of English Learners. Read more at California Department of Education's website.


EL Roadmap Resources to Support Students

California’s strength is in its diversity. As we navigate uncertain times and distance learning, it’s more important than ever that everyone in our schools has the tools and resources they need to support English Learners and Dual Language Learners. On May 11, we launched a new Resource Hub to bring the California English Learner Roadmap to life and make its vision a reality. 

We’ve partnered with six leading organizations to gather resources from across the field that support key audiences – including families, educators, administrators, teacher educators and policymakers – as they work toward effective implementation of the EL Roadmap. Leveraging the strongest thinking and tools from advocates across the field, we will create a future where all Californian students will receive equitable opportunities starting from early childhood.
Together, we can create a future where all Californian students have the support they need to learn and thrive, starting in early childhood.

For more information and/or resources, please visit the English Learner Roadmap website.