Professional Development

The Center for Equity for English Learners presents a three-day interactive series on teaching a project-based after-school intervention program for ELs in grades 3-5, featuring the Journalism for English Learners Curriculum. The Journalism for English Learners Curriculum is designed to advance English Learners' language skills as they learn the critical features of informational text as it applies to writing investigative journalistic articles in a real-world context.

What are the Key Features of the Journalism for English Learners Curriculum?

  • Aligned to the Common Core and 2012 ELD Standards
  • Utilizes research-based strategies and routines
  • Applies knowledge of informational text, specifically in the journalistic genre
  • Engages students in producing a culminating project, the publication of a newspaper
  • Involves students in using the four language domains by researching, conducting interviews and writing articles

Who should attend?

  • District/School Leadership Teams
  • Personnel identified to train program Instructors (minimum of 3 attendees)
  • Instructors new to the Program

What is the goal of the Institute?

The Journalism Program Institute is designed for participants to:

  • Receive an orientation and overview of the program development
  • Understand the objectives of each of the 10 units in the curriculum
  • Experience the curriculum's critical instructional strategies and routines
  • Examine key aspects of the curriculum that foster EL's engagement and interaction through analysis of video lessons



There are two ways to attend the institute:

  1. Loyola Marymount University Training
    1. Complete an Online Registration Form
  2. Customized District or School Site Training (minimum of 20 participants)
    1. Complete an Online Registration Form
    2. Contact us to discuss.