Stuart Adolescent English Learners

Stuart Foundation: Adolescent English Learners

Partnership with CalEdLab to find common threads across diverse populations of bilingual learners and utilize those commonalities to inform education policymaking.

Grant Objectives:

  • Collaborate with the California Education Data Lab (CalEdLab) to build from initial demographic data and population trends to create profiles of sample populations based on characteristics, such as the top 10 languages, geographic density trends, immigration trends, enrollment patterns, language proficiency levels, and socioeconomic patterns.
  • Gather qualitative data through student focus group sessions in one Los Angeles area and one central or northern California district to develop profiles of the schooling experiences of representative sets of culturally and linguistically diverse adolescent students based on the selection criteria (i.e., racial/ethnic enrollment patterns, etc.)
  • Disseminate knowledge of adolescent dual language learners through multiple means and sharing what is learned with education leaders and practitioners.