Page: EL Supports COVID-19 Communication Series

In light of recent events, the Center for Equity for English Learners is pleased to provide you with a series of communications focused on Education and Research Supports for ELs during COVID-19 based on our research-based Equitable Distance Learning for English Learners Design Principles (versión en español).

Past Communications (full PDF Communication)
Communication #1 – March 2020
Communication #2 – April 2020
Communication #3 – May 2020
Communication #4 – June 2, 2020
Communication #5 – June 15, 2020
Comunicado #5 – Junio 15, 2020 (versión en español)

Voices from the Field
Communication #1 – Leslie Hiatt
Communication #2 – Kimberly Franklin
Communication #3 – Mayra Lavadenz
Communication #4 – Tina Renzullo and Maria Lourdes Salazar
Communication #5 – Luz León
Comunicado #5 – Luz León (versión en español)

Resources and Research
CEEL has curated an extensive resource guide to support for ELs/DLLs' distance learning.  To view the resource guide, please click on the following: Distance Learning Resources: Education and Research Supports for English Learners

Communication #1 – Social and Emotional Learning
Communication #2 – Social and Emotional Learning
Communication #3 – Integrated English Language Development
Communication #4 – Developmentally Appropriate Distance Learning for DLLs in TK
Communication #5 – Family-School Partnerships
Comunicado #5 – La Colaboración Familia-Escuela (versión en español)


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