Scholarship Opportunities for Current Students

School of Education Scholarships

NameAward AmountEligibility
School of Education Scholarship Varies Available to all School of Education Graduate students, based on financial need and merit. (See Note 1 below)
City Year Alumni Scholarship 30% of tuition Available to all City Year alumni. (See Note 2 below)

University Scholarships

NameAward AmountEligibility
Catholic Teacher/Ministry Scholarship $1000 per 3 unit class Applicants must teach full-time in Catholic Elementary or Secondary Education or work full-time in Catholic Ministry. (See Note 3 below)
Developing Countries Scholarship 100% tuition Available to priests or members of a religious order (non U.S. citizens) who come from developing countries. For questions, contact the Graduate Studies office at 310.338.2721.
Religious Scholarship 25% of tuition Applicant must be a member of the Catholic Clergy or Catholic religious orders. Please provide evidence of membership in a Catholic religious order or proof of Clergy status to apply. For questions, contact the Graduate Studies office.

Important Notes

  1. Applicants must include a one-page, single-spaced, typed essay to explain why you are applying for a School of Education Scholarship, noting in particular any current financial hardships, professional accomplishments pertaining to merit, how you plan to impact the field of education and what your long-term goals are in your area of study and practice. Applications will not be processed without this requirement. University Scholarship applicants are exempt from writing an essay.
  2. To be considered for the City Year Alumni scholarship, you must provide a signed statement of service in the City Year program.
  3. To be considered for the Catholic Teacher/Ministry Scholarship, please include a signed statement from your employer on official letterhead when you submit this application as verification of employment. Applications will not be processed without this requirement. Please note there is a maximum of $1000 awarded for summer, $2000 for fall and $2000 for spring.