• Is there an application fee?

    Yes, the online Graduate Application fee is $50. We accept debit and credit cards only. 

  • What are the primary factors that would make me a good candidate for the School of Education?

    We review a number of factors that we believe make for a successful candidate. They include: 

    • Undergraduate GPA
    • Statement of Intent
    • Commitment to Multiculturalism and Social Justice
    • Ability to tolerate ambiguity and a willingness to be flexible in the face of novel situations
    • Understanding of the respective field that relates to the program you are applying to
    • Life experiences related to your program’s field
    • Expressed motivation
    • An openness to affirm diversity in multiple realms
    • A curious stance towards learning

    Sometimes, students take graduate-level courses to prove their motivation and interest. The Review Committee will take graduate-level academic performance into consideration for those applicants who may not meet our minimum GPA requirement.


  • What is the minimum GPA requirement?

    A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required to be considered for admission. If your undergraduate GPA does not meet the minimum requirement, a recalculation may be done of your last 60 units, at which point you must meet a 3.05 minimum requirement.

    If you have earned (or are in the process) of earning a Master’s degree, a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 in at least 9 of these graduate units may be considered as fulfilling this requirement.

    Once you have been admitted to one of our graduate programs, you must maintain a “B” average each semester.

  • What if I do not meet the GPA requirement?

    If you do not meet the GPA requirement, you are still encouraged to apply to the School of Education. You must submit a complete application, including your official transcripts. Once received, we will review transcripts and verify your cumulative GPA. If after review and possible recalculation of your last 60 undergraduate units, we will determine if your GPA falls below our minimum requirement. The SOE admissions team will email you with appropriate instructions so that you may petition for admission through our Exceptions Committee. This petition for admission through Exceptions, consists of a form and written statement.

  • How many classes may be transferred to LMU from another accredited college and/or university?

    At the time of admission to a program, and if approved by your department, program director, and/or dean, you may transfer a maximum of two graduate-level courses (six semester units total), from an accredited institution for work completed no more than five years ago. You will need to provide a syllabus for each class for which you are requesting transfer credit.

  • Can I meet with an advisor to have my transcripts reviewed?

    School of Education advisors only meet with candidates who have already applied and been accepted to one of our programs. Advisors will not meet with candidates prior to admission.

  • Will I have help in deciding what courses to take and when to take them, to ensure I’m progressing as I should in the pr

    Yes. You will be assigned your own advisor, who will be available for consultation about coursework, credentialing, and your progress throughout the duration of your program.

  • May I visit a class?

    Yes, you are welcome to visit and observe a class. Your visit must be coordinated by the respective program coordinator and/or Director. Be advised that candidates are limited to one class visit. Please fill out our “Request Program Information” form to receive program-specific information. Refer to this content to inquire with the appropriate staff member for arranging a visit.

  • When do specific terms begin and end?

    LMU is a semester-based university, offering course enrollment for the spring and fall semester. Each semester is 16 weeks long. Additionally, we offer two summer sessions in the summer, summer session I and summer session II. Each summer session is 6 weeks long. Please refer to the university’s academic calendar for start and end dates, as well as holidays, student free days, and other important dates for all upcoming semesters.

  • Do you require official transcripts?

    Yes. We need an official transcript from the undergraduate institution of which you have earned, or anticipate earning, your Bachelor’s degree. We do not require community college transcripts, or transcripts earned from studying abroad. It is advisable to not list these schools, other than the one where your earned (or will earn), your Bachelor’s degree, on the online application. If you have earned a Master’s and/or Doctorate degree however, it is recommended that you also submit transcripts from that institution.

    If ordering hard-copy transcripts, please request that your official transcripts be delivered to the Graduate Division (using mailing address below):

    Graduate Admission Office
    1 LMU Drive, Charles Von der Ahe Building, Suite 235
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

    If your undergraduate institution offers electronic delivery, be sure to use the following email address for transcript receipt: graduateadmission@lmu.edu 

  • How do I submit transcripts if I'm currently enrolled in undergraduate studies and have not yet completed my Bachelor's?

    If you are still in school and will not complete your studies before our application deadline, please still submit your most current, official transcript for admission purposes. We will process your admission file using those transcripts. Should you be admitted to one of our programs, we will require that you submit an updated, final official transcript that reflects degree conferral. Your final transcript will be submitted to your academic advisor, in order to complete your student file.

  • Who should write my letters of recommendation?

    Letters of recommendation should be submitted from professors or instructors who can comment substantively on the applicant’s academic ability and potential to perform graduate-level work. Letters of recommendation from friends or relatives are considered “character recommendations” and are not acceptable. During the online application experience, you will need to provide the name, title, and email address for each recommender. It is advised to begin this process as soon as possible in order to allow ample time for your recommender to submit a letter. You may simply begin the graduate application and register your recommenders, so that they may receive an email with further instructions. You do not need to submit the application in order to initiate this process.

  • What can I expect after submitting my application?

    After submitting the online graduate application, you should expect an immediate submission confirmation. Within a day or two, you’ll receive an email from the Graduate Admission office, providing you with a status update. Following that, the SOE admissions team will contact you directly via email with further application updates. Once the SOE admissions team has determined that your application is complete, your file will be forwarded to the appropriate SOE department to begin the review process. You will be contacted to schedule an interview with the director of the program to which you have applied. Interviews are held here at LMU, but out-of-state or international applicants may have the option to do a phone or Skype interview. Please contact the director or assistant director of the specific program to which you are applying to find out if a phone or Skype interview is offered.

    After the interview, the final admission decision will be made. Once a decision has been made, you will receive an electronic admission decision letter from SOE, followed by an electronic admission decision letter from the Graduate Division. If admitted, and following the release of acceptance letters, you will be contacted by your academic advisor to discuss course selection and registration.

  • Is graduate housing available?

    While there is no on-campus housing available to graduate students, LMU does offer off-campus housing options for graduate students at Playa Del Oro. For more information, please click here.

  • Are there extra steps required for international applicants?

    As Loyola Marymount University is a private institution, international students have the same tuition rates as domestic and out-of-state students. International applicants however, may potentially be asked to submit additional admission requirements. Upon being admitted to a graduate program, they must abide by certain criteria outlined by the Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS). For further information, please refer to OISS.

  • What is the tuition cost for the School of Education?

    For any, and all, questions pertaining to billing, payment options, and other student costs, please refer to Student Accounts. If you’d like to know the School of Education’s cost per unit, please check out the most up-to-date graduate tuition rates. To determine your program’s estimated overall cost, you will need to multiply the current School of Education’s graduate tuition rate by the program’s overall unit count.

  • What type of financial aid is available?

    Student loans (private, state, and federal), departmental scholarships, and graduate assistantships are available. To qualify for students loans, you must submit the FAFSA.

    Departmental Scholarships are reserved for admitted School of Education students.

    Graduate Assistantships are an on-campus, flexible, part-time employment opportunity reserved for our graduate student body. To view Graduate Assistantship listings, you may browse our student job portal, LionJobs via Student Employment Services. Note: In order to view the LionJobs portal, you must be admitted and registered for classes.

    All financial aid questions and inquiries should be directed to the Graduate Financial Aid OfficeYou may call them at 310.338.2753.


  • What are the admission requirements for my specific program of interest?

    All admission requirements (per program) are outlined within the application itself. All required documents are available for download and direct upload. Begin your online application today!