On Campus and Online Programs

On-Campus Program or Online Program

The LMU School Psychology Programs are pleased to offer graduate students the choice of a more traditional on-campus program or a fully online program.  (In adherence with California credentialing requirements, students in both programs are required to reside in California for the duration of the program.)

The on-campus and online programs are the same in terms of the admission requirements, structure, course sequence, benchmarks, and requirements for graduation.

Both the on-campus and the online programs are:

The On-Campus School Psychology Program may be right for you if you:

  • Live within reasonable driving distance to LMU’s Westchester campus (please see the LMU SOE School Psychology ON-CAMPUS Sample Program Schedule
  • Learn more effectively through face-to-face interactions with your classmates and professors
  • Want to take advantage of on-campus resources such as the Burns Recreation Center or Hannon Library study rooms

The Online School Psychology Program may be right for you if you:

  • Live outside of the LA area or cannot easily get to campus (please see the LMU SOE School Psychology ONLINE Sample Program Schedule
  • Are generally comfortable with technology and can learn effectively via Zoom or a similar platform (at least 50% of each course is taught synchronously)
  • Can build relationships with classmates and professors using Zoom, phone, text, messaging, etc.
  • Alternative NASP approved internship locations available on case by case basis by special compelling request.

Changing Programs: Once enrolled, School Psychology graduate students may transfer from one program to the other for a compelling reason and if there is space by completing the Program Petition Form provided to accepted candidates in their handbook.