Antonio Felix, M.A.
Director, PLACE Corps
University Hall Suite 1340
310.568.6635; 310.338.3774

Clementine Castro, M.A.
Program Associate, PLACE Corps
University Hall Suite 1340
310.568.6177; 310.338.3774

Delmy Ruiz, M.A.
Academic Advisor, PLACE Corps
University Hall Suite 1760

Erik Hernandez
Senior Administrative Coordinator, PLACE Corps
University Hall Suite 1340
310.568.6100; 310.338.3774

Additional Program Leadership Support

Sr. Rosemarie Nassif
Executive Director, Center for Catholic Education
310.568.6614 |

Dr. Edmundo Litton
Chair, Department of Specialized Programs in Urban Education
424.312.9088 |

Mary Fraser, M.A. (Facilities Administration)
Director of Administration, Office of the Dean
310.338.5892 |

Sr. Claudette Des Forges, C.S.J.
Catechetical Certification, PLACE Corps

Additional Clinical Support

Rachelle Henry
Fieldwork Coordinator, Clinical Support Services
Supervisor of Fieldwork Instructor/Supervisors for M.A./Teaching Credential Candidates
310.338.7721 |