PLACE Corps Alumni High School Scholarship

Edgar Alonso and Christian Abad, 2013 Scholarship Recipient
Edgar Alonso and 2013 Scholarship Recipient Christian Abad, who graduated from St. Mary Magdalen School and attended St. Monica High School

The PLACE Corps has established a $1000 scholarship to support an 8th grade student who is currently attending a PLACE partnering elementary school and has applied to and been accepted to a PLACE partnering high school for the fall. Criteria are listed below.


Scholarship applicant must:

  1. be in 8th grade at a current PLACE partnering school;
  2. have two recommendations submitted on the student's behalf – one from the junior high teacher of the PLACE partnering school and one from the principal (see below);
  3. have his/her parent submit a letter (see below)
  4. submit a personal essay (see below).

Student who is awarded the scholarship will have funds assigned to the Partnering PLACE Corps High School on their behalf by the PLACE Corps.

An award check is sent to the school by September 15th of the student's high school freshman year.