Fr. Albert P. Koppes, O. Carm. Alumni Award

This annual award is bestowed on the PLACE Corps alumnus/alumna who would make the "Father of the PLACE Corps" proud -- Fr. Albert Koppes O. Carm. The person to consider for this award has been a graduate of the program for at least one full year. In nominating this person, the factors listed below should be taken into consideration. It is possible, that due to circumstances or an outstanding achievement, one factor may dominate the others. Also, not all factors must be evidenced for a person to be nominated.

Factors for Consideration

  • This person positively impacts Catholic education.
  • This person makes the PLACE Corps a better program.
  • This person shows a commitment to the pillars of the program.
  • Others have benefited from this person's service.

Award Recipients

Mathias receives award

2010 - Matthias Schildwachter, C2

The three recipients of the Father Koppes Alumni award.

2011 - Amanda Kraivanger, C4

Sean Griffin receives the alumni award

2012 - Sean Griffin, C3

2013 Phil Dansart, C3 

2013 - Phil Dansart, C3

2014 Bridget Binns-Nuno C7

2014 - Bridget Binns-Nuno, C7

2015 Rebecca Hartstein C8

2015 - Rebecca Hartstein, C8

2016 Angelica Izquierdo C9

2016 - Angelica Izquierdo, C9 

2017 - Theresa Delgado-McDorman, C2

2017 - Allison Kargas, C5