Alumni Council Mission Statement

An alumni team of PLACE Corps cohort representatives charged with keeping the program pillars of community, spirituality, and professionalism alive among current and alumni members by serving as liaisons for and with the program

Alumni Council Goals

  1. Plan and actively promote opportunities for alumni to connect and build fellowship by supporting traditional PLACE Corps events and developing new opportunities for spirituality, community, service, and outreach.
  2. Highlight the personal and professional achievements and contributions of PLACE Corps alumni with all stakeholders.
  3. Act as liaisons among PLACE alumni, program staff, and partnering schools to enhance recruiting, provide mentoring, and foster networking that will further the mission of the PLACE Corps.
  4. Develop and coordinate a variety of opportunities for program alumni to support and serve the PLACE Corps and Catholic education in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.
  5. Bridge professional, community, and spiritual relationships among current PLACErs, PLACE Corps graduates, the UCCE, and the Los Angeles Fellowship that will strengthen and sustain Catholic education on a regional and national level.