MA in School Administration

LMU's M.A. in School Administration is a comprehensive program designed to prepare current and aspiring educational administrators and leaders. The M.A. is combined with the online California Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program, an essential building block to the expanded theory of K-12 school administration covered in the addtional M.A. coursework.  Applicants are required to hold a valid California base credential and have a minimum of five years full-time experience with that credential by the completion of the program).

Online Program Coursework 

The following online core courses will be taken by both credential and MA candidates (18 semester units).  

  • EDLA 6421: Vision of Learning for Diverse Students, Families, Staff, and Community (3 units)
  • EDLA 6422: Responding to Diversity: Access, Equity, and Educational Opportunity (3 units)
  • EDLA 6423: Student Learning & Professional Growth for Diverse Students, Families, Staff, and Community (3 units)
  • EDLA 6425: Transforming Organizations for Diverse Students, Families, Staff, and Community (3 units)
  • EDLA 6427: Advocacy from a Legal Perspective (3 units)
  • EDLA 6428: Business of Education (3 units)
Additional Coursework for Master of Arts in School Administration Candidates (14 units; total 32) 
  • EDLA 6105: Assessment & Research Methods (3 units) - required
  • EDLA 6426: Instructional Technology for School Leaders (2 units)
  • EDUR 6100: Anthropological Analysis of Cultural Diversity (3 units)
  • EDSS 6390: Lifespan Development (3 units)
  • EDLA 6429: Specializing in Charter School Leadership - Online (3 units)
Fieldwork and CalAPA Requirement for Administrative Services Credential Candidates
(CalAPA = California Administrator Performance Assessment)
  • EDLA 6441 Administrative Fieldwork/CalAPA Cycle 1 - (0 units; fee based)
  • EDLA 6442 Administrative Fieldwork/CalAPA Cycle 2 - (0 units; fee based)
  • EDLA 6443 Administrative Fieldwork/CalAPA Cycle 3 - (0 units; fee based)
Comprehensive Exam (0 units)
  • EDLA 6995: Primed for Action: Preparation for Comprehensive Oral Examination & Project (0 units)

Application & Admissions

Request detailed information on LMU's Master of Arts in School Administration and Administrative Servcies Credential Programs. While credential coursework begins in fall semester, M.A. program may be started early, if desired, in a Summer II semester.