Administrator Preparation Programs: Online, Los Angeles, and Bay Areas

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Top-ranked LMU School of Education's Institute of School Leadership and Administration (ISLA) provides outstanding school administrator preparation programs online with fieldwork experiences available in the greater Los Angeles Area and Bay Area of California.  LMU's School Administrator preparation programs serve to foster and develop extraordinary leaders for every sector of education, preparing the next generation of leaders to successfully navigate the exciting and evolving landscape of K-12 education.

Candidates within the program are engaged in dynamic experiences that leverage executive style synchronous online classes on pre-scheduled Saturdays throughout a semester, as well as fully supported field experiences at K-12 schools across both the greater Los Angeles and Bay Area.  With access to dynamic and experienced instructors, streamlined modules, and cutting-edge content, candidates are well prepared to examine systemic pratices and bring a voice to K-12 transformation of leadership for generations to come.  Based on your professional goals, we offer multiple program options and pathways to successful preparation.

Rise in Leadership through extraordinary programs:

Alternatively, please review our other leadership programs that do not require a California base credential:

  • Primarily for Private School Educators:  
    • Certificate in Catholic School Administration 
    • M.A. in Educational Leadership 
  • Leap into your Doctorate:
    • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice 
  • Complete an Interdisciplinary Degree:
    • M.A. in Educational Studies


The LMU Difference

LMU has has enjoyed a long tradition of producing top tier educational leaders in every sector of education. 

  • Grounded in Social Justice. Curriculum and program design is guided by the principles of Social Justice and the Jesuit tradition of educating through respect, ethical practice, a commitment to the education of the whole person, and the promotion of service and justice for all.
  • Practical.   Aspiring school administrators experience learning designed to be practical and immediately applicable with effective and essential tools for effective implementation in today's schools.
  • Committed to YOUR Success.   Across all areas, LMU is dedicated to your academic and professional success throughout coursework, essential field experiences, and beyond into a rising career in leadership.   Highly personalized attention utilizing a support team of advisors, professors, fieldwork instructors and mentors, along with fellow members of your cohort, all work together to ensure success for all.



*All LMU School of Education credential programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The institution has not made a determination as to whether the credential program meets the requirement of states outside of California.