Program Scholarship

Program Scholarship

Generous Scholarship!

Every candidate is encouraged to apply for a SOE scholarship* for the Higher Education program.  These scholarships range in 10-15% of tuition, based on financial need.  

Student loans (private, state, and federal) are available for the two year M.A. Program.  Additionally, for those candidates that do work in public service industry (including many California community colleges and universities), the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program applies per the criteria on their website. 

Candidates are also eligible to pursue part-time teaching assistant, research assistant, and graduate assistant positions at the university.   There are additional unique funding opportunities on the SOE Aid section of this site to explore as well. 

The FAFSA is  required as a first step ( for all financial assistance programs.


*The SOE scholarship does not apply to eligible LMU employees and dependents receiving tuition remission.  The program does limit the number of LMU employees or LMU eligible dependents receiving tuition remission assistance.  Please inquire directly to be added to a waitlist for LMU employee tuition remission benefits to this program.