This is a unique program that allows the greatest amount of flexibility for students. The curriculum can be tailor-made to fit a variety of interests in the field of education.

Students who have earned an MA in Educational Studies have gone on to work in many different areas that share the common thread of education. Some examples are:

  • Non-profit educational agencies and foundations
  • Children’s television programming and production
  • Curriculum design
  • Children’s publications
  • Pre-doctoral research studies
  • Educators with added authorization specializations in bilingual or literacy education

Learning Outcomes

  1. Candidates will develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of education. 
  2. Candidates will develop and improve the critical thinking skills needed to apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program. 
  3. Candidates will acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives to examine and act upon the ethical and social justice dimensions of schooling. 
  4. Candidates will utilize educational research skills to investigate educational issues and challenges.