Voices from the Program

Loyola Marymount University places emphases on aspects of social justice and community service. In fulfilling the university's mission I learned how to be a leader within my community. The counseling program inspired me to challenge the status quo, despite the fact that I may be leading a path less traveled, to acquire equity and equality for all of my future clients.

- Maryann Krikorian, MA


The counseling program at LMU prepared me to master a career in counseling by teaching fundamental theory, infusing applied knowledge and skill into the classrooms and always promoting education of the whole person. I felt the dedicated support of my professors and truly graduated from the program with the confidence and competencies to succeed in this ever changing and competitive field. The connections and relationships I have created while here at LMU are invaluable and bring meaning to the saying "Once a Lion, Always a Lion." Thank you LMU Lions!!!

- Alisa Binetti


Since I started the Counseling Program at LMU two years ago, I've been very proud of the many highly educated, supportive and experienced professors. I consider several of them valuable mentors I will want to keep in contact with after I graduate. I'm proud to have classmates who are diverse, bring unique insight to our collaborative studying and have a true interest for their profession. And I'm proud of the curriculum; every semester I can see that the standards and mission in our schoolwork is current and on top of the need of the counseling profession.

- Lauren del Angel


After almost completing my first year in the program, I can truly say that I made the right decision in choosing LMU. My courses have been relevant, challenging and interesting and my professors have been amazing. The extensive knowledge I have gained from both the formal and informal interactions with my professors and my classmates is invaluable. The counseling program feels like a family. The environment is supportive, helpful and provides me with all the resources I need to be successful in my classes and beyond. The community that LMU has built is something special and unique. They have proven themselves to be at the forefront of education and I am lucky to be a part of it.

- Erin Rossello


The school counseling program was worth every penny. Not only I learned how to be an instrument of social justice in schools, I learned so much about myself. This is a great program to develop academically and spiritually.

- Erica Espejo


Going into my final year in the counseling program at LMU I can honestly say that I made the right decision when I chose this program. The classes are small, allowing us to interact with our professors in a more in depth matter, they are diverse thereby giving us the opportunity to see issues from different perspectives and the material presented in classes is challenging yet fun! I can honestly say that LMU has shaped my education in a positive matter.

- Eliza Hoyos