Kristen Crowe

Kristen Crowe
Kristen Crowe, '11 MA, School of Education, Master of Arts in Counseling, PPS Credential

What have you done that you are proud of?

My experience at LMU prepared me well for the world of school counseling. Since graduating from the program, I am proud to have founded the counseling programs at two different charter schools. First, I was the Founding Counselor at Alliance Health Services Academy, a charter high school in south LA. We graduated 100% of our first class of students, with 100% accepted to 2- and 4-year colleges. My work with students was varied and helped ensure that all students were college and career ready. I assisted every student with credit checks, credit recovery, course scheduling, test preparation, SAT and ACT registration, the college application process, and financial aid. In addition to working with students, I directly assisted parents with the college-going process. I also provided social-emotional counseling to students in individual as well as group sessions.

How has your work made an impact on your community, school, agency, classroom, clients or students?

I currently serve as the Founding Counselor at Oxford Preparatory Academy (OPA) in Chino. I am the sole Counselor for 1,196 students in grades TK-8. My main focus is on social-emotional issues and the creation of the policies and procedures for the OPA Comprehensive Counseling Program. I provided guidance lessons to every single class on campus and regularly meet with 150 students during lunch bunch and individual sessions.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates this impact?

I created the Be Kind to Everyone campaign, focusing on the power of individuals to change the world around them by being kind to those in their community. With the help of 30 student Ambassadors, we encouraged students to commit random acts of kindness daily, presented to classrooms, and tracked the acts of kindness. Next year, I will add two additional OPA campuses to my schedule, serving as the Founding Counselor at three campuses and directly impacting the lives of over 2,000 students.

I am proud to be a LMU alumnus and contribute my success to the dedication of the professors and the staff of the program.