Supervision & Training

The Supervision and Training Section (STS) is proposed to serve educators, researchers, and practitioners engaged in training or supervising mental health service providers, including students and professional therapists, counselors, psychologists, and clinical supervisors. Members of the Section have an interest or actively participate in the science and practice of training and supervising student and professional therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers as well as those who train and supervise clinical supervisors.

Specifically, this section strives:

  • To encourage, promote, and facilitate awareness of and contributions to research, teaching, practice, and public interest in therapist training, clinical supervision, supervisor training, and supervisor supervision both within and outside of counseling psychology.
  • To stimulate and advance research (especially collaborative and multisite endeavors), theorizing, and thinking about training and clinical supervision in multicultural and international contexts.
  • To provide a forum to discuss and address practical issues arising from training and supervision, and to share ideas, experiences, insights, and knowledge (e.g., STS listserv).
  • To promote the development and empirical testing of diverse, innovative, and culturally sensitive theory and interventions related to training and supervision of therapists and clinical supervisors.
  • To develop for, and make available to, Section members and the broader professional community, resources to assist with training and education, research, and practice in clinical supervision and training.
  • To promote the awareness of supervision and training practices, expectations, and ways to optimize their supervisory experiences for therapists-in-training and supervisors-in-training.
  • To promote the ethical practice of clinical supervision and training, and to ultimately enhance the competency and quality of the training and supervision being delivered.