Administration & Staff

The School of Education's administration and staff are highly dedicated in serving our students to help them achieve the ultimate success of serving communities in the education of our nation's children.


Dean's Staff
Mary McCullough, Ph.D. Interim Dean, Faculty
Timothy Chang, M.A. Associate Dean, Business Services
Doris Madrigal, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Academic Services
Franca Dell'Olio, Ed.D. Associate Dean, Continuous Improvement and Accreditation
William D. Parham, Ph.D. Interim Associate Dean, Faculty
Ramiro Euyoque, M.B.A. Associate Dean, Enrollment Services and Strategic Partnerships
Michelle Duro, M.Ed. Director of Development
Mary Fraser, M.A. Director of Administration
Paula Mark Budget Manager
Maryann Krikorian, Ph.D. Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships and Educational Effectiveness
Tiffany Markarian, M.B.A. Associate Director, Grants Administration & Alumni Relations
Jordan Gadd, M.A. Director, Strategic Planning and Engagement
Sheila Rodriguez Manager, Communications
Megan Weber, M.A. Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
Academic Department & Student Services Administration and Staff
Greg Akai, M.A. Program Coordinator, Blended Learning Projects
Carolina Avner Senior Administrative Coordinator, Teach for America & Intern Partnerships Los Angeles
Aaron Beasley, M.A. Associate Director, Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science
Edward Blancarte, M.A. Senior Administrative Coordinator, Data and Records
Norma Cabrera Administrative Coordinator, Center for Catholic Education
Carla Camacho Academic Advisor, Upward Bound
Angela Castañeda Program Coordinator, Center for Equity for English Learners
Clementine Castro Program Associate, PLACE Corps
Michael Cersosimo, Ed.D. Assistant Director, Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation
Gina Chavez, Ed.D. Director, California Reading and Literature Project
Elaine Coates, M.A. Instructional Technology Analyst
Dana Coleman, Ed.D. Program Administrator, Department of Educational Leadership
Nohemy Colin Administrative Coordinator, TFA/Northern California Partnership
Jim Collins, M.B.A. Senior Administrative Coordinator, PLACE Corps
Marlene Contreras, M.A. Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Michaela Cooper Program Coordinator, Doctoral Program
Wendy Creek, Ed.D. Program Director, Teacher Leadership in Mathematics
Ashley Dann, M.Ed. Program Coordinator, iDEAL Institute
Natasha D'Costa, M.A. Assistant Director, Teach For America & Intern Partnerships, Los Angeles
Marla Dietz, M.A. Program Administrator/Counseling Fieldwork and Community Outreach Liaison
Kay Duenas Director, Assessment & Accreditation
Sharon Dukesherer Senior Administrative Coordinator, Business & Administration Services
Daniel Dunne, M.A. Program Coordinator, iDEAL Institute
Darin Earley, Ed.D. Director, LMU Family of Schools
Antonio Felix, M.A. Director, PLACE Corps
Catherine M. Foote, Ed.D. Associate Director, Department of Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology
Diane Gasper Program Coordinator for Associate Dean for Faculty
Irma Graciano Senior Administrative Coordinator, Academic Services
Jacqueline Hansen, M.A. Business Services Coordinator
Rachelle Henry, M.S.Ed. Fieldwork Coordinator, Specialized Programs in Urban Education
Maureen Herbert LiveText Coordinator
Annette Pijuan Hernandez, Ed.D. Senior Director, Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation
Edgar Hernandez Senior Administrative Coordinator, Assessment and Accreditation
Erik Hernandez Senior Administrative Coordinator, Better Together: California Teachers Summit & Academic Services
Dulce Jauregui Senior Administrative Coordinator, Department of Specialized Programs in Urban Education
Sylvia Jauregui, M.A. Assistant Director, Project ROYAL, Center for Equity for English Learners
Kelly Keeler, M.A. Curriculum Developer, Center for Math and Science Teaching
Katie Laskasky, M.A. Senior Research Associate, Math Leadership Corps
Nicole Lawson, M.A. Instructional Designer
Angelica Loera Academic Advisor with Upward Bound Math and Science
Amy Loveland, M.A. Fieldwork Coordinator, Elementary and Secondary Education
Liza Moritz Mastrippolito, M.Ed. Acting Director, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Marco Murillo, Ph.D. Research Assistant, CEEL
Diana Murphy, M.S. Director, Special Projects
Sr. Rosemarie Nassif, SSND, Ph.D. Executive Director, Center for Catholic Education
Joy Pirsaheli Credential Advisor
Angel Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator, Center for Equity for English Learners
Norma Romero, M.A. Director, Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science
Delmy Ruiz, M.A. Assistant Director, Center for Catholic Education
Stephanie Serventi, M.Ed. Assistant Director, LMU/TFA Northern California Partnership
Rebecca Herr Stephenson, Ph.D. Managing Editor, Journal of Catholic Education
Michelle Rincon Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Jack Sutorius Senior Administrative Coordinator for Assessment and Accreditation
Shannon Tabaldo, M.A. Director, Digital Curriculum Integration and Development
Terri Taylor Academic Advisor for Elementary & Secondary Education
Tara Vahdani Research Associate, Center for Equity for English Learners
Denise Valdez Senior Administrative Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships & Educational Effectiveness
Lindsey Walsh Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Cheryl Wawrzaszek Senior Administrative Coordinator, Dept. of Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology
Danielle West, M.Ed. Academic Advisor
Ariane White, M.Ed. Program Coordinator, Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Bryan Williams, M.A. Assistant Director, LMU Family of Schools