Yvette Lapayese, Ph.D.

Dr. Yvette Lapayese is the Associate Dean of Academic Services, Continuous Improvement, and Student Success at LMU SOE. In this role she collaborates with and supports her colleagues in delivering distinctive, relevant, and courageous academic programs during a time of transformative social change.

She is a mother-scholar to three bilingual boys and is a Professor in SOE's Department of Teaching and Learning. Before receiving her Ph.D. at UCLA, she was a 5th-grade public school educator who studied and practiced critical human rights education with and for immigrant and plurilingual youth. She has served the SOE for 17 years in distinct ways as Department Chair, Associate Chair, Academic Program Director, University APRC Committee member, Provost Taskforce on Faculty Workload appointee, and Faculty Senator, who during her tenure, co-wrote the University's first maternity leave policy. She has chaired numerous doctoral dissertations as well as developed and taught courses around diversity, equity, and research methods at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels. Dr. Lapayese was the first faculty member in the School of Education to receive the President's University Teaching Award.