Maureen Kindel, M.A. ’07, Ed.D. ’11

Maureen Kindel, Ed.D. is a founder of Kindel Gagan, a public affairs consulting firm comprised of principals with long and distinguished careers in the field of advocacy and public affairs. Dr. Kindel brings to her practice more than 30 years of government, business, education, and civic experience. She is thoroughly familiar with the organizational and regulatory process of governments and institutions throughout the Los Angeles region, including Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, school districts, regional authorities, universities, business and civic organizations, and community interests. Additionally, she is well known to both elected and appointed officials and their staff. Dr. Kindel is an advocate of public/private partnerships aligned with the public interest and equity.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kindel has navigated various constituencies and distinguished herself in prominent public and private-sector leadership positions. Most notably, she began her career with Tom Bradley, who was the only African- American mayor and longest-serving as such in Los Angeles. He appointed Dr. Kindel as President of the Los Angeles City Board of Public Works, the first woman in the history of the city to preside over this $5 billion agency with over 6,000 employees providing daily essential city services and ensuring well-managed complex contracting arrangements. She set the tone for the involvement of minority and women-owned businesses in public contracting, and was a founding director of the Los Angeles Business Federation, the Los Angeles Business Council, and a founding member of the Pacific Council of Foreign Relations. She currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and is Secretary of the 1984 Olympic Foundation, the repository of the 1984 Olympic proceeds, whose mission is sports and youth. She previously served as a director of the Southwest Water Company.

Dr. Kindel has embraced public education as a professional and personal passion. She has been an advisor to Los Angeles Unified School District’s superintendents and its school board members. She has also served as Chair of the L.A. Chamber Education Committee, and the Los Angeles Business Council Education Committee.