About SOE

With our experienced faculty, great reputation, and interest in developing leaders, LMU is the right choice. Here are additional reasons to choose LMU's School of Education.

Prime Location

Classes are offered on our convenient (and beautiful) Westchester campus, which is located on the Southern California coast near Marina del Rey, within easy reach of the 405, 105, and 90 freeways.

Students -- A Personalized Education

Small classes, a dedicated faculty, and an experienced staff ensure that you'll gain the knowledge and skills to teach and lead -- and the help you need to make your way through the complex web of California state requirements successfully. Unusually diverse in its student body and faculty, the SOE currently has approximately 250 undergraduates and more than 1400 graduate students enrolled.

Inspiring Faculty

The School's full-time faculty includes innovative teachers and leaders whose research interests range from bilingual and bicultural education to literacy to school leadership and student safety.

Undergraduate Major(s)

California requires that undergraduates pursue an academic major along with teaching credential coursework. All Loyola Marymount University, candidates declare a minor in teacher education along with their chosen academic major to ensure appropriate advisement and support. Undergrads apply to the School of Education for one of the teaching programs (elementary, secondary, bilingual, or special ed) preferably during the first semester of their sophomore year. See what programs SOE has to offer.

Graduate Programs

Choices include a range of part-and full-time master's degree and credential programs as well as the doctoral program in a wide variety of areas to support careers in education. Classes are conveniently scheduled for the evening and late afternoon.

Catholic School Educators

Many students choose Loyola Marymount University's SOE for its work with Catholic schools in preparing professional educators. Among our offerings: the popular PLACE Corps and the Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers (CAST) programs, along with a variety of other certificate and master degree programs designed to meet the needs of Catholic School Educators.

Supportive Fieldwork & Clinical Experiences

The SOE works hard to ensure that your first professional experience in an educational setting is a positive -- and productive -- one. As you begin your field experience/field study, we place you in a work environment that reflects your career interests and goals. Fieldwork environments are carefully chosen to maximize engagement with diverse student bodies. Located in the greater Los Angeles area, all our placement institutions are accredited, and their leadership is supportive of SOE's mission and goals. Each program provides direct support to candidates within their field experiences. Candidates in the teaching fields are served by the Department of Clinical Education for their field experiences.

Great Job Placement

SOE graduates are able to obtain jobs after graduation thanks to our enviable reputation in surround school districts and our helpful career placement office. The Office of Career Development Services assists candidates in all aspects of their career search.


An Inspiring Education ...

At the SOE, you'll not only benefit from our small classes and personal attention, but from our longstanding and unswerving commitment to multiculturalism and social justice. The SOE's approach will inform, inspire, and prepare you for a diverse world. With its Jesuit and Marymount educational heritage and strong commitment to social justice, the School focuses on promoting six attributes among the graduates of our programs. These include cultural responsiveness and respect for the individual. Learn more about our mission.