Philip Molebash, Ph.D.
Program Director, CMAST
Associate Professor


Jelena Trifunovic, M.A.
Assistant Director, CMAST


Michael Castiglione, M.S.
Program Director, Teacher Leadership in Mathematics
Clinical Assistant Professor

Since 2011, Michael has supported over 50 K-12 Teacher Leaders certified within the Center for Math and Science Teaching. He has 6 years of experience teaching middle and high school mathematics in an urban setting. He earned his master's degree in Science in Curriculum and Instruction from the State University of New York at Fredonia, and is currently pursuing his MBA from LMU.


Wendy Creek, M.A.
Affiliated Faculty


Amy Huang, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Huang Reuben, a former elementary school teacher in Northern California, has taught teacher candidates at UC Davis and scored elementary and secondary mathematics PACTs. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of California, Davis.


Anita Kreide, Eh.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Kreide brings 18 years of experience from various fields including cancer researcher at Children's Hospital LA, chemistry teacher, and designer and implementer of new NGSS science curriculum. She serves as a science content advisor supporting science TL's in the field and TL coursework at LMU. Dr. Kreide received her bachelor's degree from LMU in Biology, a master's degree from USC in Chemistry, a master's degree in Counseling from LMU, and Education Doctorate from LMU in Educational Leadership for Social Justice. She holds both national and state credentials in chemistry/life science and a PPS credential in counseling.


Lindsay Uribe, M.A.T.
Clinical Assistant Professor

Lindsay has taught Common Core Mathematics in a high school setting for three years. She works within local public and private schools setting up sustainable organizational change as teachers prepare for CCSS and NGSS. She has seven years of experience teaching high school mathematics in an urban setting. Lindsay earned her master's degree in Mathematics from CSU Long Beach.


Kelly Keeler, M.A.
Curriculum Developer, CMAST

Kelly Keeler works for the Center for Math and Science Teaching as a STEM Curriculum Developer. Kelly's passion for education began in 2006 when she joined Teach for America in Los Angeles. After completing her two year commitment with TFA, in addition to obtaining a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from LMU, Kelly continued to teach middle school science for three years. Kelly then left the formal classroom to professionally develop teachers at the California Science Center. In this position, Kelly gained insight in informal learning strategies, such as student-driven learning, and gained expertise on how to incorporate these strategies into the formal learning environment. In her free time, Kelly enjoys being a mom and doing anything/everything outdoors with her family.