Lindsay DeVeny

As a math coach, Lindsay helps support both new and returning teachers to the Alliance for College Ready Public Schools.  Lindsay works part-time as an Algebra II teacher at her site, MASS, and spends the rest of her time supporting two other sites within the Alliance.  The support Lindsay provides at each site is guided by both CMAST practices and the site’s individual needs.  Some of the supports Lindsay provides for each site include: designing and running professional development centered around CMAST Modules, observations and debriefs for individual teachers, goal setting/action research support, Algebra I/Algebra Support planning sessions, and open classroom demonstrations.  As a math coach Lindsay works with both teachers and principals; together she and the principals at each site work together to co-create Site Action Plans designed to help move the site’s progression, and thus individual teachers’ progression, through all the MAST Modules.  The ultimate goal is for each site to progress through all MAST Modules and in doing so develop a teacher leader at each site who, with support from Lindsay, could ultimately be the main support person for their mathematics department.
Lindsay DeVeny


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