Teaching Academic Spanish in Grades Pre K-12 Certificate

Loyola Marymount University (LMU), in partnership with CABE, are offering a new Academic Spanish Certificate Program for teachers. This is a one year program in Spanish geared specifically for Spanish speakers and teachers in bilingual/dual language programs for the purpose of increasing their Academic Spanish language skills.

  • Admission Requirements/Prerequisite: Spanish speaking teachers or teachers in bilingual/dual language programs.
  • Requirements: Completion of four courses, 12 units total.
  • Grade Requirements: "B" or better in each class

For more information please visit LMU Extension or complete a Professional Learning Interest Form.

Next Course

Review of Spanish Linguistics and Biliteracy
(4 units)

The objective of this course is to increase teachers’ abilities in the use of academic level Spanish in the language arts and social science content areas.  Participants will become familiar with CCSS for Spanish language arts and social studies instruction.  Classroom-based applications include identifying quality instructional materials in Spanish and designing standards-based lessons to promote rigor and relevance in the bilingual/dual language classroom.

Course Dates
Apr. 26, 2017 – Web Cast (WC)
May. 3, 2017 - Online (OL)
May. 10, 2017 – WC
May. 17, 2017 - OL
May. 24, 2017 - WC
May. 31, 2017 - WC
June. 7, 2017 - OL
June 14, 2017 – OL

2017 Teaching Academic Spanish PreK-12 Certificate Program Flyer

Successful completion of three, four (4) unit courses with a grade of "B" or better is required to earn the Certificate. Participants can earn a total of up to 12 continuing education units. Prior to course enrollment, participants should check district requirements for CEU acceptance and salary point equivalency.