Dr. Kathryn Lindholm-Leary

Kathryn Lindholm-Leary received her Ph.D. at UCLA, where she worked at the Spanish Speaking Mental Health Research Center and the Center for Language Education and Research. She is currently a professor of Child and Adolescent Development at San Jose State University, where she has taught for 19 years. At San Jose State, Kathryn received a Teacher-Scholar award, was a finalist for the President's Scholar award, and was a San Jose State nominee for the prestigious Wang Family Excellence award. Her research interests focus on understanding the cognitive, language, psychosocial, and societal factors that influence student achievement, with a particular emphasis on culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Dr. Lindholm-Leary has worked with two-way immersion and other bilingual programs for the past 20 years and during that time has evaluated over 30 programs and helped to establish programs in over 50 school districts in 10 states. Dr. Lindholm-Leary has the most comprehensive longitudinal data on bilingual students, particularly students in two-way programs, in the country. She regularly consults with various state departments of education, including the California State Department of Education and also the US Department of Education. She has authored or co-authored four books and many chapters and journal articles on the topics of dual language education and child bilingualism and has presented her findings at over 100 local, state, national and international conferences.

Her research was also used by previous U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley to establishing Title VII funding and program priorities for two-way immersion programs, and has been cited in the Congressional Record.