The PLACE Corps -- Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education -- is a nationally recognized teaching service corps in partnership with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Dioceses of Orange and San Bernardino and is a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE).

The PLACE Corps is built upon three pillars: spirituality, community, and professional development. This University program incorporates full-time teaching in an under-resourced elementary or high school  with an enhanced academic program through the LMU School of Education to earn both a Master of Arts in Education and a California Preliminary Credential. Students can earn either a Multiple Subjects Credential (elementary) or a Single Subject Credential (secondary). Members with an academic background that includes a substantial number of education courses can take an alternate program in which they earn a Master of Arts in Reading Instruction or Special Education.  PLACErs work under contract as teachers of record. A portion of their salary will contribute toward the cost of administering the program, housing, and other expenses incurred on the members’ behalf. The program is made possible, in part, due to a generous grant from LMU that is applied to the tuition costs. Because of the demands of the program, PLACE Corps teachers must remain unmarried during their two-year commitment. PLACE Corps is a proud member of the Catholic Volunteer Network (CVN). Pending annual approval, PLACErs will serve as AmeriCorps volunteers through CVN. 

The ideal candidate for the PLACE Corps is an enthusiastic recent college graduate, who has an appreciation for Catholic education and wishes to “give something back.” Applicants with a history of service, evidence of faith commitment, and experience working with children are highly sought. The PLACE Corps teacher, serving as a role model in Catholic schools, will be instrumental in maintaining the traditions of Catholic education in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino. There are no prerequisite courses, other than a bachelor’s degree and a desire to serve.

Interested persons who are in the Southern California area are encouraged to attend an information meetings held at LMU in the fall and a subsequent application distribution meeting in early November. Refer to the Candidate Calendar for all important dates.  The application deadline is January 31st for annual summer admission to the two-year program. PLACE Corps teachers will begin their graduate work in the summer and their teaching in the fall while living in spiritually-based communities. During the school year, PLACErs will take two cohort classes each semester. Key to the success of the program is the support the teachers receive from their LMU professors and advisors, field supervisors, mentors and principals at their school sites, and the PLACE Corps program staff. The semi-annual retreats, designed to support and inspire, also contribute to the success of the PLACE Corps teacher.

Additional information regarding program specifics can be obtained by contacting the PLACE Corps office at (310) 338-3774 or by sending an email.


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