Study Abroad

Study Abroad at Hacienda Cusin in Imbabura, Ecuador

July 7-16, 2014

With Dr. Beth Stoddard and Dr. Emily Fisher

EDSS 6998: Special Studies (Study Abroad) counts for one of the following (talk to your academic advisor):

  • EDSS 6377: Multicultural Counseling
  • EDSS 6394: Helping Skills
  • EDSS 6514: Diversity in Community and School Psychology (for students enrolled in the School Psychology Program)


  • Immerse yourself in another culture and participate in community-based learning
  • Engage in a learning community with other graduate students and LMU faculty
  • Earn 3 units of course credit and apply coursework to immediate intercultural experiences


  • Pre-Travel: Attend a study abroad orientation, complete pre-class readings and assignments
  • While Abroad: Attend all classes, complete readings, engage in required academic and community-based learning experiences.
  • The $1000 fee includes all lodging, meals, and transportation within Ecuador.
  • You also pay normal course tuition and airfare.

For More Info

  • Attend an information session
    • Thursday January 16 3:45-4:30 in UH 2314 (2400 Suite)
    • Tuesday January 21 4:00-4:30 in UH 1514 (1500 Suite)
    • Tuesday January 21 6:45-7:15 in UH 1514 (1500 Suite)
  • Talk to your Academic Advisor!
  • Email one of the course faculty