The Education Success Project: Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood Schools Colloquium

November 8, 2014

Goal of the Day: To convene Los Angles Promise Neighborhood Schools for a discussion of Education to Improve Outcomes for Students with Disabilities.

Clip 1

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Dr. Maureen Kindel, Director, The Education Success Project (TESP)
  • Dixon Slingerland, Executive Director of YPI Charter Schools
  • Iris Zuniga, Chief Executive Officer of YPI Charter Schools
  • Yvette King-Berg, Director of YPI Charter Schools

Alignment of Los Angeles Promised Neighborhoods (LAPN) Colloquia I, II, and III

  • Dean Shane Martin—Tone of the Day
  • Esther Nodal, Chime Elementary School, First Grade Teacher
  • Diane Lindsay, Special Education Teacher, LAPN Schools

Clip 2

Guided Conversation I: Emerging Pathways for Educators

  • California Special Education Task Force (CSETF)
  • Dr. Carl Cohn, Chair CSETF, Member of the California State Board of Education
  • Dr. Vicky Graf, Professor of Special Education, Member of CSETF
  • Participants: Q & A

A Personal Approach to English Language Learners and Disabilities

  • Dr. Magaly Lavadenz, Professor of Education , Founder of Center for Education of English Learners (CEEL)
  • Dr. Karla Estrada, Coordinator of Division of Special Education, LAUSD District ISIC
  • Fidel Ramirez, Director of Youth Services, Youth Policy Institute

Clip 3

Guided Conversation II: Pushing Forward for Students with Disabilities

Innovation at Sanger Unified School District - Katherine Campos and Ryan Osier, Curriculum Support Providers, Sanger Unified School District

Clip 4

Developments in Assistive Technology: It starts with a mindset

  • Dr. Shawna Draxton, Executive Director of WISH Schools
  • Steve Brostowitz, Special Education Teacher at WISH
  • Dr. Matthew Siniawski, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and LMU students

Clip 5

Special Announcement by Dean Shane Martin

Clip 6

Global Report: Shared Education in Belfast, Israel and Mexico

  • Prof. Mark Baker, Programme Manager for the Sharing Education Programme at the Queens University School of Education, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Dr. Gavin Duffy, Research Fellow for the Sharing Education Programme at the Queens University School of Education, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Clip 7

The Grand Discussion

Dean Shane Martin and starring all panelists, special guests and participants