Dean's Welcome

Welcome Message from Dr. Shane P. Martin, Dean & Professor

Dr. Shane P. Martin, Dean & Professor

In our increasingly globalized society, how well the United States prepares students in areas such as math, science and reading proficiency matters more than ever before. Unfortunately, by most measures our educational system is failing our youth. Unacceptable equity and opportunity gaps persist in far too many communities, and despite efforts to address these problems, our society continues to spend far more on incarceration than on education.

At the LMU School of Education, we are committed to a different approach. We prepare teachers and leaders who become change agents, transforming classrooms and communities across educational settings. And, as this year's Impact Report makes clear, we work with schools, districts and communities in finding and implementing practical solutions to seemingly intractable problems. With a faculty and student population reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve, we are highly invested in these partnerships. We are steadfast in our commitment to listening to our partners' needs and contributing what we can to ensuring their success. Through open dialogue among diverse participants – bringing their unique perspectives to the table – innovative ideas emerge that enable all stakeholders, working together, to break away from the status quo.

Grounded in our Jesuit traditions, we at the SOE know that education can be transformative – and the only way to achieve social justice. We believe nothing is more important than ensuring a high-quality educational experience for all children. With our partners, we are opening the doors of opportunity so that no matter where they come from or what school they attend, young people can go on to pursue their dreams and contribute in meaningful ways to our society.

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